Grammy Awards 2022 Nominations and Predictions

Grammy awards for the year 2022 is coming and the people who are passionate about Grammy awards are roaring in cheer and excitement. Grammy awards 2022 is going to be held on the 31st January 2022. Yes, save the date as lots of excitement and joy are all along the way.

Also, for the people who are willing to know the nominations and predictions, your search is over now.

Browse below and uncover the Grammy awards 2022 Nominations and predictions.

Grammy Awards 2022 Predictions and Nominations

As you know that the next Grammy awards 2022 is going to be scheduled for January 31 2022. All kudos goes to the organizing committee who are keeping things as simple as they can. Each of things are being handled by the Recording Academy which is an organization made of music insiders across the entire industry.

Talking on a predictive note, each of the nominations under the committee where controversial.

For instance, at the 2021 award shows, the Weeknd failed to get a single nomination despite being critically acclaimed.

On the other hand, the academy has even faced backlash for the opinions against women along with black artists.

Additionally, there are a number of controversies that are hovering around and the organizing committee has to come with each of them.

Even more, each of the influences where small or large are evenly seen by the industry standards.

With that, you can go ahead and look at the nomination predictions and odds.

  1. ‘Happier Than Ever’ Sung by Billie Eilish

Odds: 11/1

This song was released on 30th July 2021 and since then it has run on the charts. She is among those popular singers who have won seven Grammys which is quite extraordinary. Ever since she made her debut at the age of 18, she is on the rise and has never looked back since then.

Among her Grammy nominations, the most popular ones were Record of the Year, Songs of the year, and tons of more fantastic songs.

  1. ‘Sour’ by Olivia Rodrigo

Odds: 11/1

It’s among the most popular songs which got released on May 21, 2020. Yes, Olivia Rodrigo is among the most talented singers of the industry. She is up and running for seven awards which even includes Record of the year and tons of more nominations.

  1. ‘Love for Sale’ by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Odds: 12/1

If you are thinking about one of the most famous and iconic singers of the industry, Lady Gaga has to be the true name. Indeed, she has earned immense fame and reputation by fans from all over the world.

She is among those elites who have won 12 Grammy awards. On the other hand, Bennett has won massive 18 awards which shows both of their legacies.

Indeed, at the current award show, both of them are ready and geared up to win the current 2022 year Grammy award as well.

Wrapping Things Up

Yes, the fight for the best is still on where there are some of the best stars in the race. With that, as fans, you might be interested in one album or another.

With that, the nomination battle and prediction is still going on. All you can do is to keep supporting your favorite stars.

And even hope that they win the current Grammy Awards 2022 with pride and happiness.

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