Grammy 2022 Date, Time, Venue and Updates

The Grammy 2022 awards are just a month away and the craze of fans is reaching to next level. Indeed, COVID has hit almost all of the events but this time, it seems that the Grammy awards 2022 will be taking place. There are things that have changed where the voting system is specifically changed.

Rest, the award show will go as per the schedule where the fans can witness some of their most popular stars.

To get more information regarding the Grammy 2022 awards, you don’t have to look further. Come along as we unwrap Grammy 2022 date, time, venue, and many details.

Grammy Awards 2022 Date, Time, and Details

The current 2022 Grammy awards are going to be held on the 31st January 2022. There have been many delays for the award shows but finally, the Grammy Awards 2022 is coming live for the audiences.

Crypto com Arena, Los Angeles, California will be the venue for the 2022 Grammy Award Show.

Right on the 31st of January 2022, you can tune in to your channel and watch the Grammy Awards 2022 online.

The live coverage starts at 6 PM ET with the Red carpet show.

Now, if you are someone who needs to know about the host, we have got that information for you too.

Trevor Noah is the one who will be hosting the Grammy 2022 Awards. Indeed, he is among the top host of the world and has hosted tons of award shows. With that, he is all set to host one of the biggest award shows.

Which are the music that is eligible for the 2022 Grammy Awards?

Each of the songs and albums that were released from the 1st of September 2020 and 30th September 2021 is all eligible for the 2022 Grammy awards.

Yes, there might be some of your favorite songs along with albums as well that you can support and hope it to win awards at the awards.

When did the actual voting for nominations took place?

Right after the announcement of nominations, each of the academy members picked up winners from the 6th of December, 2021 to the 5th of January, 2022. Yes, right now, the choosing process is on and the academy members are busy picking the deserving albums along with songs.

Rest as fans, you can wait and see which are those albums and songs that can be chosen, without issues.

Indeed, for the current Grammy awards, there are some set of rules that need to be followed. With that, you can access the website of Grammy awards and read each of the rules, there itself.

Final Word of Mouth

All in all, the current Grammy 2022 awards is underway and the fans are desperately waiting for the award show to go live.

Yes, in this case, as fans you can just wait for the 2022 Grammy awards to start. Once that is done, then you can choose all of the live streaming options.

Among these, if you are interested to watch the Grammy 2022 awards online, then you can choose among different streaming services.

Here, FuboTV, Hulu, and Sling TV are the most prominent ones. Rest, you can select among different services, choose a good one and watch Grammy 2022 awards, in a much better and relaxing way. 

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